Panzer de la HHF (Panzer)

Panzer is living up to his name and is built like a tank.  He is a sound, strong, heavy boned dog that is an echo of his Topperlyn and Hospitalier heritage.  He has great bird drive and is working on some manners.  He shows great promise in the field and in the ring and we are excited to see where he can go.

  • Whelp Date:

    • 6/27/19

  • Registration:


  • Confirmation Rating:

  • ​not tested yet

  • Height/Length:

    • 49cm 49 cm as of 5/11/2019

  • Weight:

    • 41lbs

  • Accomplishments:

    • June 2020 WRT

  • Hips:

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • not tested yet