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Creed 3.HEIC
Chesire's Something to Live By

Creed has to be one of the most athletic dogs we have had, being able to jump to the top of 6 foot kennel.  And when you pair that athleticism with his nose pheasants don't stand much of a chance.  He has been one of the our workhorses on out guide string. Creed has a great retrieve, a great nose and attacks all forms of cover from heavy cattails to tree lines.  He is one of those dogs that can do something spectacular everytime he hits the field

  • Whelp Date: 

    • 2/1/2021

  • Color

    • Red with White Markings​​

  • Registration:

    • AKC

  • Weight

    • 30 Lbs​

  • Hips

    • OFA Fair

  • Elbows

    • OFA Norma​l

  • Genetic Testing (wisdom panel)

    • Carries 1 copy of AMS

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