Retired Dogs

Our retired dogs leave our breeding program and get to do what they love, spend time with us and hunt, no more mom duties, just chores and birds

Lil'Enid HHF De Broughton TAN WRT

Lil’Enid HHF de Broughton TAN WRT (Enid) was the beginning of our program.  She laid the foundation of a strong desire in her offspring and we continue to see that in the second generation.  She continues her training and prepares to chase birds in the fall.  

  • Whelp Date: 

    • 7/19/15

  • Registration:


  • Confirmation Rating:

    •  C1 Excellent (2018)

    • C2 Very Good (2017)

  • Height/Length:

    • 48cm/46cm

  • Weight:

    • 32 pounds

  • Accomplishments:​

    • Natural Ability Breeders Award (NAVHDA)

    • WRT (UKC)

    • TAN (UKC)

  • Hips:

    • OFA Good

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • Negative