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Ibsen du mas D'Pataula
Skeeter de la riviere du renard

We are excited to announce the planned breeding of Ibsen du Mas D'Pataula and Skeeter de La Riviere du Renard.  Ibsen is owned by our friend Denine Ackerbauer who showcases her dogs in many venues such as rally, agility, obedience as well as UKC field trials.  Ibsen is a dog that we have been around for many years and have had the opportunity to judge several times in the field as well as hunt behind and he always impresses.  Skeeter is one of our up and coming females with great drive, a great retrieve and an even better disposition.  We are excited to see what this match up of a solid performer and young potential can do.  

We expect beginning of January whelping, Deposits Available

Ibsen du Mas D'Pataula
Skeeter de la Riviere du Renard
Skeeter 1.HEIC
  • Whelp Date:

    • 3/15/2013

  • Registration:

    • AKC, UKC

  • Confirmation Rating:

    • Excellent​

  • Height/Length:

    • 49cm/49cm

  • Accomplishments:

    • UKC Champion of the Field

      • Wild and Liberated​

    • UKC Champion of the Ring

    • UKC Agility Champion

    • AKC Senior Hunter

    • AKC Open Obedience

    • AKC Rally Excellent

    • UKC TAN

    • UKC WRT

    • Certified Woodcock Banding Dog

  • Hips:

    • OFA Fair

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • Carrier

  • Whelp Date: 

    • 7/4/21

  • Registration:

    • AKC, UKC

  • Confirmation Rating:

    •  not confirmed

  • Height/Length:

    • 46cm x 46cm ​

  • Hips:

    • OFA Good

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • negative

Puppies are here,
Deposits still 

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