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Radar de la riviere ouareau
 O'hara de la hhf

We are excited to announce the planned breeding of Radar de le Riviere Ouareau and O'Hara de la HHF.  Both dogs are at the top of their game and continue to impress us with the abilities in the field and their personalities in the house.  We expect these puppies to be fine representations of the breed, be excellent hunters and great companions in the house.  We are accepting deposits for this litter, we expect a February Whelping.  

Radar de la Riviere Ouareau
  • Whelp Date:

    • 1/27/2020

  • Registration:


  • Confirmation Rating:

    • Excellent​

  • Height/Length:

    • 49cm/49cm

  • Weight:

    • 34 lbs

  • Accomplishments:

    • NA PZ 1

  • Hips:

    • OFA Good

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • Pending

O'Hara de la HHF
Hara 2.jpg
  • Whelp Date: 

    • 12/19/18

  • Registration:


  • Confirmation Rating:

    •  Confirmed, not rated

  • Height/Length:

    • 48cm x 48cm ​

  • Accomplishments:​​​

    • TAN (UKC)

    • WRT (UKC)

    • GUN (UKC)

  • Hips:

    • OFA prelim Fair

  • Ay Gene (sable gene):

    • negative

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